Happy Sant Jordi Day 2020

This year I was looking forward to this day even more than usual. For the first time I would be participating in events in Barcelona as an “Author” – how exciting! With my first book published, I had been asked to do school visits, local events and book signings! I have spent so many years wanting to be part of this amazing day, full of roses and literature, mingling with other authors and illustrators and of course, meeting my readers.

But COVID-19 had it’s own plans. Here in Barcelona, we have been in a state of alarm since 14th March. My 10 year old daughter Iraia hasn’t left the house since Friday 13th March and except for essential shopping once every 7-10 days, or taking out the rubbish, neither have my husband or I.

However, there will be more Sant Jordi’s. In fact, the celebrations have been postponed this year until 23rd July – everything permitting of course. But more importantly, for some people, sadly there won’t be more tomorrows full stop. Many that get through this, will face tough challenges, with their health, financially, psychologically and in ways we don’t even know yet, as we come to live with the new “normal”. 

So, as I sit at my computer, all I can wish for is that my loved ones and theirs, remain safe and well. Nothing more, nothing less.  Only together we can get through this and even though there may be physical distance between us, we are closer than ever as we unite, clapping together every night at 8pm to thank our health workers on the front line and every other worker risking their lives and playing their part in helping to keep us safe, fed, watered and holding down the fort for all of us. Thank you – you are our heroes.

So, please stay safe everyone. Un abrazo, Claire x