Fa 6 anys - Congratulations - choose a book!

I am delighted that Obrador Editorial (Allaprima), the publisher of my bilingual (English & Catalan) children’s book, Two Fish in a Bowl – Dos Peixets a la Peixera – has put forward the book to take part in the 2020 “Fas 6 anys. Tria un llibre” (You are 6-years old. Choose a book) campaign in Catalonia, from 15/10/20-30/11/20.

This fantastic campaign, now in its 5th edition, is run by the Guild of Booksellers. It’s supported by the Department of Culture and is part of the Catalan Government’s National Reading Plan. Its aim is to encourage reading in 6-year-olds and for young children to discover bookstores and learn to value books.

The 76.006 girls and boys turning, or who have turned 6 this year in Catalonia will receive an invite to go to their nearest bookstore. There, they will receive a gift card valued at €13 to spend! What a fantastic idea and how exciting for the children who get to go hunt for the perfect book! Perhaps Two Fish in a Bowl may become a new bedtime favourite. Wouldn’t that be wonderful Orange Fish and Green Fish!