Introducing Catalonia in a nutshell - Són bojos aquests Catalans

Claire Smedley and Eva Santanarelease new book Catalonia in a nutshell - Són bojos aquests Catalans

Am thrilled that I’m finally holding in my hands the book I co-authored with Eva Santana – thank you for asking me to join you on this project. Thank you IMC Literary Agency for seeing the potential in out project and for finding our publisher Cossetània – who I thank for believing in our project – with only 8 pages of funny illustrations and cheeky text to go by.

It’s not been an easy road. What was a simple idea; some illustrations and quirky observations turned into months of research to really get a grasp on Catalonia, its culture and people. And for every page of text we wrote, Eva had the hard task of illustrating it. I tried to help with ideas, but it’s clear I’m a word’s person and can’t draw for toffee, so all credit to Eva for creating illustrations that perfectly depicted the tone and intention of the book.

We actually handed the manuscript in back in October 2020. However, the pandemic that threw the world into turmoil meant that we were unable to publish until two years later. But our publisher hung in there and here we are – our project brought to life and in our hands. I’m excited to see what our journey holds next for Catalonia in a nutshell – Són bojs aquests Catalans.