Two fish in a bowl - Dos Peixets a la Peixera

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This is the delightful tale of two fish in a bowl that decide to have a race. Written in rhythm, readers learn all about orange fish and green fish and their exciting adventure and also learn about friendship. The big question on every fish’s lips, is who will finally be crowned the winner?

Product Details:
Available in Hardback
Languages: Bilingual (English & Catalan)
Age category: 2-8 years
Author: Claire Smedley / Illustrator: Eva Santana / Adaptation in Catalan: Bel Olid
Publisher: Obrador Editorial SL
ISBN: 978-84-949334-8-6
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A Dog Called Woof

E-Book + Softback Now Available

Mia is very scared of dogs! They jump, bark, sniff, lick and chase you. No, she definitely does not like or want a dog! Perhaps a trip to the local dog shelter could help to change her mind…. This story demonstrates that overcoming fears is an important step in making great friends.

Product Details:
Available for Kindle & Softback 
Languages: Portuguese (Will be available in Maltese & Turkish in 2021)
Age category: 2-7 years
Author: Claire Smedley / Illustrator: Romont Willy / Adaption in Portuguese: Thiago Nieri
Publisher: Callis
ISBN: 978-85-454-0099-6
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The Perfect Bag

To be released in Turkish in 2021

Scarlett’s friend has just got a new bag, so obviously she desperately, urgently, very much needs a new bag as well and she’s very particular about what she wants! Luckily, mummy knows just where she can find one….

Product Details:
Languages: Turkish
Age category: 2-7 years
Author: Claire Smedley / Illustrator: Eva Santana
Publisher: TBA Turkey